Lessons from James Cameron’s Avatar

If you see any movies over the holidays, make sure Avatar is one of them.  James Cameron introduces us to a whole new world.  There are take-aways for everyone on the recruiters couch.

1. Take a chance on a new world – Doing what you have always done may not be an option anymore. Industries are changing and what works today might be very different from what worked before. This goes for people hiring and people looking.

2. Respect the other person. If you are interviewing a candidate, respect the person who has taken the time to come and meet with you. Be on time and review their resume before you start. If you are meeting a potential employer, be on time, be neat and be prepared. Know about the role and their environment before you go in. It will not guarantee that you get the job, but it will show that you respect what they do.

3. Whatever you do, do it with heart. You can learn lingo. You can learn processes. You can learn people’s names but no one can teach you about heart. What enabled Jake to draw all the different sides together was his heart. Everyone from the Commander Woolrich to Neytiri’s mom could all see it. If you can find this quality in yourself, then put it out there. People will respect you and you can get things done.

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