Resume Real Estate – Above the Fold

I have been talking about resumes this week.  Not sure why, but it seems to be a hot topic.  A resume is the conduit to your next chapter and needs to be as finely tuned as possible.

Remember when we read newspapers that were actually made of paper not pixels?  Remember how they were folded in half?  The most important headlines went above the fold.  You could read all the

essential and important information even if the paper was in a stack at a newsstand.

This allowed you to do two things: decide to buy the paper or decide that you could spend the money on something else.

Resumes work the same way.  The critical information that you want to convey to the reader has to be above the fold if you want it to have maximum effect.

Try this:  put your resume on your screen and start reading at the top. Count one steamboat, two steamboat, three steamboat.

How far did you get?  How much information does the reader know about you?  Is it enough to get the job? Or even get into the “A” pile?

I know if sounds crass, but that’s about all the time you get, especially if the reader is a recruiter.  Most recruiters are either a) incredibly pressed for time or b) have only a loose understanding of the job or c) both.

Make it easy for them to see why your resume should go into the “A” pile –put the good stuff at the top.


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2 responses to “Resume Real Estate – Above the Fold

  1. That is so true! Our communication has become very much a top down approach. First impressions are so important that we want to make sure the most important information is at the top. There is no time to create suspense and save the best for last. Put your best foot forward and make your mark on prime real estate.

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