It takes a Village…

Laura is away this week and asked me to stand in as a guest blogger – a big honour for someone who has only recently graduated and has only been working in the recruiting field for a short time. I first began my foray into human sourcing in 2007 as an intern, and have been spending my summers at Ian Martin ever since working as a research analyst. My degree is in psychology; in particular my research has been into moral cognition.

Or at least a cyber-village – to make one professional a cut above the rest in their field

This sentiment is fundamentally important to successful job seeking. As a very green job seeker, I have made sure to keep my ears keen to the advice from other professionals who are successful in their fields, and my eyes open and searching for strategies posted online. This strategy is vitally important when beginning, but also appears to be of crucial importance to staying successful.

The job market is changing constantly (some argue it does so daily); and keeping up with it requires an adaptive personality. In my experience so far, the best strategy has been to

  • Look at what makes other professionals successful and humbly listen.
  • Seek out sourcing/seeking strategies which are posted online (these are prolific)
  • Constantly ferret out new tools for fast searching online; these can be found through referencing by other professionals.

From these points, a common theme arises: you need the help of others to grow more successful and stay on top. It will often be other professionals who will develop new and prodigious strategies/tools that will propel you further than you could have gone on your own.

This mindset of being ‘forever the student of the cyber-village’ is intrinsic to the success of all professionals.

 by Jeff Millar




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2 responses to “It takes a Village…

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  2. Dianne Colling

    This message is for Jeff. I’m impressed! Great job!

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