It’s here – the Provincial Election Campaign has Started

You have probably already seen the signs on your neighbour’s lawn.  And you have probably rolled your eyes about living through another election campaign.

But wait!  The campaign presents a great platform for people who are looking for new opportunities.

  1.  If you are unemployed, volunteer with one of the campaigns.  They can always use help especially during the day. You will meet some cool people and maybe even learn some new skills.  You can do this if you are employed too – it’s just harder to juggle your schedule but you will enjoy the same benefits.
  2. Go to an All Candidates Meeting.  Sit beside someone you don’t know.  You may have to opportunity to introduce yourself.  Typically people who go to All Candidates Meetings are engaged and interesting people.
  3. If you go to an All Candidates Meeting, ask a question of the candidates.  That’s what they are there for.  Here are some suggestions:
    1. As an unemployed machinist, I have some concerns about the future of my industry in Ontario.  Could you comment what your party is doing to support it?
    2. What are your plans for job creation?  I was laid off two months ago and I am finding things very discouraging.
    3. My son is in university and is not sure he will get a job when he graduates.  How will your party tackle increasing the jobs for young people?

There are lots of other questions you could ask but these get your message out to the candidates and to the audience at large.  People have a lot of respect for someone who is willing to stand up and ask the big questions.

Bring your business cards because it may turn out that there is an audience member looking for someone just like you.

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