One Step at a Time

It seems like every time I look at LinkedIn. I see another connection
announcing their new job. They thank their soon-to-be-former colleagues for
their support and leap into their next adventure.

The national media supports this. Unemployment numbers are at all-time lows,
and companies are struggling to find the talent they need to grow in the new
world of hybrid work. One article says that candidates are being offered
significantly more money for similar jobs. On the next page, there is a story
about tech companies putting the brakes on hiring and rescinding job offers.diving

I have been recruiting for a long time, and I have never seen such a
confluence of factors impacting the candidate community.

It is stressful to interview for another job at the best of times. Today,
there are so many different risks to evaluate that it can be hard to sort out
what makes sense for your career. That does not mean you should not look around.
It just means you need to take it one step at a time.

Don’t be tempted to apply for jobs with abandon. Turn a critical eye to the
job posting. What will you get to learn, do and become? Is the company stable?
Hybrid or on-site? Do you know anyone who works there?

When you apply, follow the instructions. That gives you the best shot at
having your resume reviewed. If the application process is too cumbersome,
maybe it’s not the right place for you.

Keep an eye on your personal mail if you are applying for jobs. We are so
used to texts now that we don’t always look at our Gmail accounts. Many hiring
teams still use email. You don’t want to miss an interview invitation.

When you interview, be clear about your goals and ambitions. Remember that
you are sizing up the organization just as much as they are sizing up you.

Bring questions to each interview. Ask about the company’s three and five-year
plans. What kind of learning and development resources will be available? Are people
in the office? Should you be in the office?

Take a careful look at the job offer. How long is probation? When can you
take a vacation? When do the different benefits plans kick in? Have a friend or
lawyer or a friend who is a lawyer take a look at the offer. A fresh set of
eyes is always good.

Take it one step at a time when dealing with a frenzied process. It is the best way to avoid a bad outcome.


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