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The Future is here

Our fine and brilliant friends at Google have introduced another super cool app – Goggles.  No, I did not spell it wrong.  It is called goggles, as in spectacles or things you look through.

Say you have a mobile phone with a camera (and don’t we all?).  You hold it up to an object and take a picture.  Google instantly identifies the object and provides links to sites where you can get information about it.

So, for example, you could hold it up to the CN Tower, click the image and get info on the history, the height of it and even buy tickets on line.  You can do this also with books, office supplies, anything.

I think this could revolutionize the recruiting business.  I can already see myself walking into a cocktail party and with a few clicks, knowing exactly who is in the crowd.

Click. Mechanical Engineer works at a construction company, makes 60k and based on his linkedin profile is actively looking.

Click. Marketing Specialist who blogs a lot about greening the planet and who’s consulting gig is just about up.

Click. CEO who is just about to be ousted because of a major product recall.

Click. Human Resources Manager who just learned that a whole new product development team needs to be hired.

Hoowaw! This is going to be fun!

And we have not even touched on how this will affect dating sites like match.com or bromance.org.

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