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Now this is street art…..

Last week, I discovered one of the drags of walking to work.  I don’t walk all the way, just from the train station to my office.  It’s a pretty crowded walk.  Not exactly like New York City in the movies but kind of close.

As a person who has driven to work for the last 10 years, I have enjoyed the privilege of singing in the car. By singing, I mean wailing.  Heck, it’s a private space.  Why not?

Now I walk amongst the masses and when I wear my ipod, I have to purse my lips together to prevent myself from breaking into song.  On Friday, I had particularly good music on and honestly, I thought my lips were going to cramp up. 

I was standing at a red light with my lips zipped when I heard a strange noise poking through my tunes.  I glanced sideways, and realized that the girl beside me was singing “Desperado” at the top of her lungs.  I am not kidding.  Eight o’clock in the morning and she is laying it all out for us while we wait for green.  Sheesh!

I got to thinking.  Would she be the one in the meeting who is looking out the window and not listening to any part of the conversation?  Or is she the one who appears to be listening but then opens her mouth with something completely irrelevant?  Here’s a thought:  perhaps she was a recording artist on her way to an audition/interview.  We could give her the benefit of the doubt.  Or not.

Regardless of how she might behave in a meeting, what do you think of her behaviour on the street corner? Rude?  Inconsiderate? I just chalked it up to bizarre sightings of random singing and moved on.  Although, I realized later that when I was waiting at the next red light, I was tapping my foot.

Could a full out plié be next?


Eagles – Desparado


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