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So…..are we exclusive?

I was talking about LinkedIn with a group of people on Monday evening.  One of the big questions seemed to be about invitations. When someone invites you to connect, should you accept?

Some people only accept invites from people they know. Others, like people in my profession, accept all invitations.

The answer lies in why you got on LinkedIn in the first place. Is it a place to hang out with former colleagues?  A place to develop your consulting reputation?  Maybe you want to grow your community of influence, so that when you throw a highly pithy comment out there – you get lots of feedback.

Most of us keep our profiles current and polished so we can get noticed. We want prospective employers or clients to find us and look us over. The way we get “found” is by broadening our networks either by accepting invitations or joining groups.

Here’s a possible strategy:

  • Take a look at your invites once every week or so. You don’t have to do it right away. They will not evaporate.
  • If you don’t know the person, click on their name. Maybe that will jog your memory or you will realize that they know a lot of the same people you do.
  • Decide if you want to accept, ignore or procrastinate a little longer.

So, when you are deciding whether your network is going small and exclusive or open and diverse, think about how you want to be treated. When you reach out to someone, you want to be acknowledged, right?

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The most romantic occupations

I took a moment to read the Globe and Mail this morning and came across this gem:

After analyzing 15,000 Harlequin books, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam came up with a list of the top 10 most popular professions for heroes in romance novels, reports Mediabistro.com. They are: 1. Doctor, 2. Cowboy, 3. Boss, 4. Prince, 5. Rancher, 6. Knight, 7. Surgeon, 8. King, 9. Bodyguard, 10. Sheriff.

Let’s just take a look at the top five.  I know they come from romance novels that are meant to help us escape the trials of everyday life but I’m just not sure these are the right kind of occupations.

  • Doctor – smart, rich but never home
  • Cowboy – fit, tanned but always smells like horses
  • Boss – not sure about this one.  Boss of whom?  Is there such as thing as a generic boss?  If there is, he is probably underpaid and a little on the dumpy side.
  • Prince – I’m not sure that having a kingdom is all it’s cracked up to be.  Good if you like attending “functions” and always fake-smiling.
  • Rancher – see cowboy above except substitute cows.  On the upside though, he could be the Marlborough Man. 

 How come you never see these titles in romance novels? 

  • Teacher – steady income and summers off.
  • Candy Maker – creative and might have a test kitchen in your basement.
  • Massage Therapist – do I really need to explain this?
  • Pirate – exotic destinations and lots of gold.


I would much rather date a teacher than a cowboy but that’s just me.  Maybe I need a richer fantasy life.

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New tools, new rules

Social media, social shmedia…..it’s everywhere.  And it’s a tremendous tool for job seekers and for hiring managers but as with any new tool, there are safety rules that need to be followed to prevent a career ending injury.

It’s okay to find someone on linkedin and to invite them to connect with you but give them a reason.  Don’t just send the canned invitation.  Personalize it with a note about why you want to connect.  Remember that popular people are inundated with invitations and may be selective.  Also remember that some people do not check linkedin often, so there may be quite a delay. 

It’s okay to argue about bedtime with your sixteen year old on facebook chat. (This is actually surprisingly effective)  It is definitely not okay to “friend” the hiring manager you just met so you can check out their weekend plans.

Use the level of formality as your guide.  A new relationship should start out pretty formally – like a first date.  An email and maybe a hand written note after the first conversation or meeting.  Once relations are established, then voice and emails are effective.  When the relationship has moved into the very familiar, (think: going steady) then the texting and facebooking can begin. 

Also, be mindful of the organization’s culture when you are deciding what kind of communication will get you to the next level.  Most engineering firms will squint and crinkle their noses if you try to connect by pinging them through facebook but at Zappos, the hugely successful online shoe retailer,  it’s absolutely the best way to connect.  If fact, their employees are encouraged to interact with customers and potential employees via facebook and twitter.  Different audience, different culture, different rules.

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The Future is here

Our fine and brilliant friends at Google have introduced another super cool app – Goggles.  No, I did not spell it wrong.  It is called goggles, as in spectacles or things you look through.

Say you have a mobile phone with a camera (and don’t we all?).  You hold it up to an object and take a picture.  Google instantly identifies the object and provides links to sites where you can get information about it.

So, for example, you could hold it up to the CN Tower, click the image and get info on the history, the height of it and even buy tickets on line.  You can do this also with books, office supplies, anything.

I think this could revolutionize the recruiting business.  I can already see myself walking into a cocktail party and with a few clicks, knowing exactly who is in the crowd.

Click. Mechanical Engineer works at a construction company, makes 60k and based on his linkedin profile is actively looking.

Click. Marketing Specialist who blogs a lot about greening the planet and who’s consulting gig is just about up.

Click. CEO who is just about to be ousted because of a major product recall.

Click. Human Resources Manager who just learned that a whole new product development team needs to be hired.

Hoowaw! This is going to be fun!

And we have not even touched on how this will affect dating sites like match.com or bromance.org.

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