Do you have it in a size 9?

Imagine if someone sent you to a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes for them.  Imagine walking in and asking for brown shoes in a size nine. That sounds pretty specific but will you really be able to get what they want?

  • Slip on or lace up?
  • Pointy toe or square toe?
  • Dress or casual?
  • Wide or regular?

Even if you had all of these qualities on a list, it would still be pretty tricky to find shoes that would be successful.

Finding employees is just as tricky.  You need to start with a clear and detailed list of characteristics and qualities.

Say you are looking for a new person to sell your service.  Do you a Chuck Taylor High Top kind of person or a Bass loafer kind of person?  Or maybe you need a stiletto kind of person?

All of these shoes are available in size nine and brown.  Invest the time to decide what’s really important to the future of your organization and what kind of shoes have already successfully navigated the halls of your company.

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