Never say never

A few postings ago, I talked about a laid off event planner who had the opportunity to do a short term contract gig as a proposal coordinator at an engineering firm.  Even though she thought she would be right out of her element, she said yes and gave it her best shot.

The assignment went very well and she got to add a whole bunch of new keywords to her resume.  It also gave her the chance to learn about a new industry and to realize just how many other avenues are out there to explore.

I am happy to report that yesterday she signed an offer of permanent employment with the engineering company.

Last night, I was at a wine and cheese party for my volunteer group. (CFUW Oakville)  It was the annual night where the leaders of the group welcome the new members.  What struck me was that, as we went around the room, the leaders each said they had never intended to be in a leadership role.  In fact, their immediate instinct when approached was to decline.

This was quickly followed by how much they enjoyed the experience and how many new people they got to meet.  So even though they were hesitant, it was ultimately a totally rewarding experience.

Sensing a common theme yet? Be open to new opportunities whether for profit, experience or new friends. Don’t dismiss anything out of hand.  Take a few minutes to daydream.  Try it on for size.  Then decide if you want to take it on or not.

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