What was I doing? Dealing with Distractions

If you can’t remember what you started five minutes ago, you are distracted.

If you find yourself staring at the little spinning wheel while your computer thinks, you are distracted.

If you leave the kettle boiling until its dry, you are distracted.

It happens.  It’s summer. People are slowing down and relaxing their mind-focussing muscles.

It can be especially frustrating if you are looking for a new gig.  You get to the end of another day and feel like you have accomplished nothing.

The day started well. You sat down at your desk, showered, dressed and ready to work.  You woke up your computer, took a sip of coffee and bang!  It was dinner time.  Whoa.

Try this:  before you power up the master of distraction, make a list of things to do. Make them short and specific.

  • Invite 2 people to connect via linkedin
  • Send one thank you note
  • Exercise
  • Apply for 2 jobs
  • Eat lunch
  • Make a lunch date for next week
  • Read a whole newspaper

In between these activities, you will have all the regular distractions (email, phone calls, letting the dogs out) but if you keep coming back to the list and checking off the items you will a) feel more accomplished at the end of the day and b) continue to push everything forward.

You will be connected, knowledgeable, fit and energized – the perfect state of mind for new opportunities.

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