Harry Potter’s next challenge: find a job

Even though Harry Potter is a rising star in the wizarding community, he needs to give some serious thought to his career options.  Curse throwing and hot wand skills will only get him so far.

First of all, he needs to finish high school.  It’s going to be pretty tough to sit though classes and exams after all the excitement of recent events but it will be critical for his future career goals.

He also needs to learn to channel some of that anger into something more productive.  Explosive tempers rarely get the results you want in the workplace.  Also, bewitching your manager for a performance review is probably not allowed under the Employment Standards Act.

Harry is going to have to figure out to spell out his skills and experience in terms of transferable skills.  How else will employers identify if he can fit into their team?

Harry’s Experience Translation
Can speak Parseltongue Able to adapt to different cultures
Able to travel by flue powder Could manage a large territory
Found horcruxes with very few clues to go on Excellent problem solver
Owns his own invisibility cloak Able to gather market intelligence
Youngest seeker ever Very goal oriented, not likely to distracted

So take heart, wizards everywhere.  There is a place for you. You just have to find it.

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