When is a MoonPie not a MoonPie?

This weekend, I discovered MoonPies.  I was in Connecticut and had a lunch date at Cracker Barrel.  The store attached to the restaurant had all kinds of neat candy and treats but the MoonPies just spoke to me.  Turns out, they consist of two graham crackers with marshmallow fluff sandwiched in between and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate – kind of a cross between a Jos. Louis and a Wagonwheel.

I brought the box in for my recruiting colleagues to try.  No had ever seen them before.  They pored over the box and the packaging.  It took only minutes for them to figure out that MoonPies don’t have to be eaten plain but can be heated in the microwave for an “out of this world” treat.  They can also be frozen in to a lovely summer snack.  Or laid out under ice cream with bananas and chocolate sauce for a dessert worthy of two spoons.

This is a great example of what we do best.  We don’t just read a resume at face value.  We are always trying to figure what skills are transferrable and where a candidate’s experience will be most valued.

If we take those event planning skills and introduce them into a proposals department, suddenly we have a Proposal Coordinator.

If we take a pulp and paper process expert and stick him into a nuclear planning group, we might get a really good Process Improvement Lead.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that a MoonPie is not always a MoonPie.  Sometimes it’s a banana split.

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