Interview Prep (The Silly Class)

You have your resume in hand and you’ve plotted the address on your GPS.  You are ready for the interview.

But wait!

Here are some final tips for you to consider when going for the big interview:

Role Suggestion
Funeral Director
  • Dab a little formaldehyde behind each ear
  • Tuck War and Peace into the pocket of your backpack with the spine showing
Dental Hygienist
  • Don’t forget to floss
Mechanical Engineer
  • Have a Leatherman tool clipped to your belt or at the very least, a Scripto mechanical pencil clipped to your shirt pocket
  • Make sure to take the bifocals off the top of your head
Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Advisor
  • The most garish lipstick possible
  • Wear the sweater that’s still covered with cat hair from last Christmas
Auto Mechanic
  • Probably not a good idea to ride your bike to the interview


All these tips aside, all you really need is a firm handshake and a great opening line and you’ll be just fine.

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