Hollywood? No thank you.

You know your occupation has made it, when it is the role of the main character in a current and sexy Hollywood movie.

I was in a turkey stupor on the couch last night when I came across the movie Friends with Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. 

Slightly glazed over, I thought I heard Mila Kunis say she was a head hunter.   I sat up (slightly) and grabbed the remote and hit rewind.  Did she say head hunter?  Yes, it turns out that she did.  A head hunter in New York City, no less.

That had my attention.  She was introducing Justin Timberlake to a new opportunity.  In english: she was pitching him on a changing jobs for something better.

Maybe I have been working in the wrong vertical all along…..none of the candidates I have worked with resembled Justin Timberlake.  I am not saying that nuclear design engineers and project planners lack charisma but I’m not sure any of them would ever fit the criteria for “sexy”.

To be fair, I don’t much resemble Mila Kunis either.  I’m quite a bit taller.

So I guess its true, the grass is always more sparkly in Hollywood.  For now, I will just keep trucking along in non-sexy, non-glamorous but extremely satisfying role as head hunter to the non-celebrities.

Happy New Year!

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