Step off the Wheel – if only for an evening

I know I am always crowing about getting out of your everyday hamster wheel.  It’s refreshing to get out of the routine and slide off the beaten track, if only for an evening. It can be hard to do but it’s worth it.

My sister gave me an early birthday gift: an evening with Margaret Atwood at the Metro Reference Library.  I had to leave my office at the crack of five to get to the subway to hook up with my mom who was going with me.

The whole drive in, I was thinking that I was going to be late which led to questioning why I had agreed to it in the first place.  I was in a pretty negative head space when I get to the subway.  All I could think about what the work I could have been finishing. 

As I parked the car, I looked down at the clock.  I was right on time.  I found a parking spot.  The train was waiting for me.  Things were looking up.

I gave my head a shake, took a deep breath and got on the train.  (Looking back, the deep breath on the subway car was maybe not as cleansing as one might expect, but nevertheless)

We got to the library, had a glass of wine and some snacks and then sat listening to Ms Atwood read.  We were in the second row.  Very close.

Then the very charming Ian Brown asked her a bunch of questions about the future, the environment and the process of writing

I have to be honest here:  I have never finished one of her books.  They just never really appealed to me but listening to her in person:  wow.  She is funny and warm.  She knows a lot about a lot of stuff.

It was quite an enchanting feeling to be so close to someone who is so influential.  I also wrote down a bunch of things she said and they have been rolling around in my mind all week.

I walked back outside the library and took another deep breath.  I had been off the hamster wheel for two hours and it felt great.

So thanks, Kate and Mom for the break.  I am going to pay it forward and invite someone else to get off their hamster wheel.  Anyone care to join me?

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