Spiff it up and Spell it out

I read resumes for a living and sometimes I feel compelled to let you know about some nasty things that I see.  Nasty may be a little strong but in the scheme of things, this is your career and your resume should represent you clearly and professionally.

Today’s bugaboo is abbreviations.   One of the resumes I read today was full of abbreviations and it damn near drove me crazy.  If you don’t have time to write out the word, you don’t have time for my job.

If you are senior, say senior.  Not Sr.

If you are a Mechanical Engineer, do not succumb to using Mech. Eng to refer to yourself.

Sr Mech Eng looking for long term growth opp.

This kind of language is fine is you are tweeting or looking for a date but has not place on a resume.

Seriously.  What happens if your resume is received by someone who does not know what the abbreviations stand for?

If you specialize in piping design systems, say so.  PDS could Panzer Dragoon Saga (a role playing game) or the Planetary Data System.

If there is a lengthy term that is going to appear throughout your resume, then you can introduce an abbreviation early on (in parentheses after the term) so the reader knows exactly what you are talking about.

So spell it out.  You have worked hard to get where you are.  Let it shine.

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