It’s All About the Accessories

How do you stand out from the crowd?  What makes you memorable?

In this world, you need something that distinguishes you from everyone else in your role/space/section.

Everyone has a resume.  Is yours special?  Maybe you use a unique font or your layout is ingenious.

When people look at your linkedin profile, what do they see first? What is their first impression?

When someone asks how you are, what is your response?

  • “Oh, I am really busy, just swamped.”
  • “It’s pretty slow.  I am just watching the clock these days.”
  • “Things are crazy.  My clients are such pains.”
  • “Really good.  I am working on some pretty interesting assignments right now.  Thanks for asking.”

Which of these responses is not like the others?  Which one will leave a lasting impression?

Yep, the last one.  It might even drum up a new opportunity if you were on the ball enough to have an answer like this ready.

Sure, you might feel extra confident if you arrive for your next meeting in a cool car with an expensive handbag. (I tried this and it does work.) But keep in mind that real accessories do not have cool brand names or a six speed transmission. They have warmth, humour and just enough information to be intriguing.

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