Beautiful? You bet!

This morning I found myself quite overwhelmed by the irony of grooming, especially my hair.  It takes a lot of concentration to remember which bits to shave and which bits to blow dry.

I have to wax my brows. I have to put the light eye shadow on before the dark eye shadow.  I have to put stuff in my hair to make it stay out of my way and then remember not to touch it.


Of course, the most ironic thing is blow drying my hair when it’s 95 degrees outside. No wonder the climate is falling apart. Honestly, the things we do to look civilized!

And the maintenance part is worse. Once you start dealing with the nasty hairs on your chin, you can never leave them alone again. They are worse than the most noxious weed in my garden or keeping a 10 year old Fiat on the road.

Did I point out that all of this takes time and money to deal with?  Appointments and credit cards – all in the name of looking “put together”.  And, by the way, it should look effortless too.

I feel like I finally have a handle on most of this stuff most of the time. I think the only thing left to master is heels. I think I might need a personal trainer and a serious program for that.

So if you see me tottering around in the next few months, just give me a big thumbs up and tell me I look terrific okay?


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3 responses to “Beautiful? You bet!

  1. Dianne Colling

    Laura… You Look Maaavelous! And the smarts below that lovely mop of hair to boot! The whole package.

  2. Ellie Spanos

    Well put, Dianne! I was just scrolling down comment but you have said it all!

  3. Julia Appleton

    I have always been jealous of those big blue eyes, your lovely skin and a soul as deep as the ocean. We cannot see our own beauty and that what makes us loveable.

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