Widgets, anyone?

Some days I wish I worked with widgets.  Widgets come in various sizes for specific uses.  They come in red, chartreuse or any other colour you might want.

You can guarantee that a widget is going to fit in the hole.  You can be pretty certain that if it is round or square, it will continue to be round or square. Widgets don’t care if it is raining or hot.  They don’t even mind the full moon.

But I don’t work with widgets.  I work with people and it can very hard to determine kind of person I am dealing with.  There is no bar code on a candidate’s forehead that lets me scan their history and attributes.

Clients can describe education and past experience but it’s not like either of us can log on to Amazon to pick the engineer or customer service person that will fit the role.  (Although, there might be something to this…..)

I am seriously thinking of going back to school to get a degree in Widgetery and perhaps even a post grad certificate in managing widgets to their fullest potential.  How hard could that be?

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