Resume Review – it’s time

I know it’s getting busy.  Really I do.  But it’s time to review your resume.  Today (or this weekend at the latest).

For most of us, resume review involves several steps.

  • Figuring out where you put the most recent version.
  • Thinking about what has changed since you last looked at it.
  • Making the changes so everything looks nice and is spelled right.

Now is the time to do this.  We are still clear eyed about the future. We have not yet run up the credit cards buying gifts or made the drunken gaff at the staff party.  We don’t have the pressure of New Year’s Eve hanging over our heads.

You can sit for a moment in a Starbucks or in your car and actually consider what has changed since you last stepped off the hamster wheel of everyday.  How have the changes affected you and your habits?

I am not talking about tearing apart your whole life – just a few minutes of reflection.  Then get down to the business of refreshing that door-opener of a document: your resume.

This way, when someone asks you about your new year’s resolutions, you can help yourself to another mimosa and tell them you are well on your way.

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