Cardio for your Career

If I see one more person eating salad, I am going to throw up.  Especially people who proclaim that they are eating salad without dressing.  Ugh.

I have not been in a fitness club but I imagine they are crammed.  You probably have to take a number to get on a treadmill.  Blech.

How many of those people are paying the same kind of attention to their career?  Doesn’t it deserve the same level of care and concern?

Are they reviewing their credentials with a trainer?

Stretching their multitasking muscle or strengthening their listening skills? barbell

I know that cardio is important but so is collaboration.

When you are setting your goals and lining up the barbells for your new program, don’t forget your career.  When you look at the whole life package, it is important too.

In fact, maybe I’ll talk to the folks at GoodLife.  Maybe you could get four hours of career guidance along with your two hour fitness assessment and unlimited spin classes. I see a lot of potential for that kind of deal.


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2 responses to “Cardio for your Career

  1. Dianne Colling

    I could have pressed like this but I actually LOVE this. THis is the kind of outlook, sense of humor, lively banter I so miss at IMG! Thanks for the insite Laura, I think I’ll skip salad for today!!

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