Nod like you mean it

My son and I share an Itunes account.  He doesn’t have a credit card yet and I want the illusion of control over his listening habits so it kind of works out.

This means when we sync our ipods, we each get a healthy dose of age-inappropriate music.

I am sure he filters my Ella Fitzgerald and Beyoncé songs out in a nano-second.  I don’t usually get around to removing his, um, colourful noise until I have a spare evening.  (few and far between lately).

Even though his stuff tends to the rude or very rude, some of it is actually kind of catchy.  Here’s the problem -I was walking up the crowded sidewalk to my office absentmindedly singing along with the chorus of one of the songs.  All of the sudden I heard myself singing “Yippee Kay Yeah, mother f*&%^” (you know, like Bruce Willis says in Die Hard).  Whew – a bit alarming.

I realized that I do this at work too.  I nod when someone is talking and look as if I have a complete understanding of what they are saying and then, when I ask a question, the speaker looks shocked and is totally thrown off their game.  Perhaps this is why I do so well on the phone.  People can’t see me nodding.

I always considered myself to be a pretty in-the-moment person but I guess I have some work to do in this department.  So this week is all about staying present and paying attention.  If you see me looking zoned out, could you smack me on the arm and remind me what I was doing?  Thanks.

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