Career Management – Humpback Style

I saw a cool thing on the news last night. Some guys were diving off the coast of California when suddenly a couple of humpback whales rose up out of the water together in a wash of water off the stern.

You can see the footage here (after the bit about the Pope).  It’s pretty awesome.

Apparently the whales were lunge feeding. This is when a group of whales work together to force the little fish they plan to eat up to the surface.  The whales then leap into the air scooping the fish their mouths as they go.

This is tremendously appealing on a lot of levels. Getting together for the gathering and preparation of food is a long standing tradition for our species too. And I don’t just mean a bunch of teenagers looking for change in a minivan at a late night drive though.

This is a pretty powerful way of managing your career too. Having a small group of people you get together with regularly to talk about jobs, work and life will have the same kind of beneficial effect. Call it lunge-style career management. Not only will good opportunities rise to the surface but there will be people with you to share the bounty and the joy.

So find some friends and get together. Start by talking about what you do and then move on to what you want to do differently. Listen carefully and all kinds of good stuff will rise to the surface.

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