Just say Yes

The other night I had a great career experience. I got the chance to hear jazz singer and Toronto radio personality, Heather Bambrick, tell her story. It was at a meeting of the Oakville chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women and it was awesome!

Heather had decided that the theme for her talk should be “How to be an artist and still have a mortgage”. Although, if you were listening closely, the real theme was just say yes. 

Midway through her degree in Political Science, she decided she did not really want to be a lawyer but rather a jazz singer. She finished her degree anyway and then registered to study at the University of  Toronto Faculty of Jazz.

Nearing graduation, someone asked her if she would consider teaching. She said yes.

As a successful teacher, she was still doing singing gigs and through that, someone asked if she would consider doing voice work such as commercials. She said yes.

Then her agent asked how she felt about doing voices in animated shows. Guess what?  She said yes.

At that point, her recordings were getting airplay on jazzfm and she was invited to perform at a fundraiser. The folks at the station asked how she would feel about doing a radio show. That scared her a little but she still said yes, she was open to trying it out.

So here she is today doing a keynote address, with a permanent morning radio show and a broadway review about to start touring.

Can she get a mortgage?  Yes she can.

Not everyone can be a radio host or sing beebop, but everyone can keep their eyes up and open for new opportunities. So practice raising you hand and saying yes. I don’t where it might lead you, but call me when you get there.

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