Need a break? Try these refreshers

Looking for a job is hard. We don’t remember that when we have a job but we sure get slammed in the face with it when we don’t.

Resumes go out into the blackness of the Web. People don’t return calls. Emails bounce back.

Short of standing on Bay Street wearing a sandwich board, what is a person to do?  board

Here are some ideas:

  • Write a recommendation for one of your LinkedIn connections
  • Work out ( this is surprisingly refreshing)
  • Register for the next event being held by your professional association or alumni group
  • Invite someone for dinner, plan the meal, go shopping, prepare the meal, and enjoy the company
  • Find a yoga video on youtube and try a few new poses
  • Look up the number for your local food bank (trust me, you have one) and find out if and when they need help.

These activities should induce a clear mind, a sense of gratitude and a fresh bit of energy to keep putting yourself out there.

And you have to be out there because that’s the only way we can find you.

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