Holiday Networking No No’s

The next eight weeks will see lots of opportunities for networking: holiday parties, choral sing-alongs, eggnog brunches and the dreaded cookie exchanges.

Here are some guidelines to make it memorable for the conversations not the selfies.

  • Don’t drink you face off.  Have one drink to be polite.  Maybe a second glass of chardonnay to wash down your meal but that’s it.  No more. Better yet, don’t drink at all.  Just tell people you are the designated driver.  Think of all the material you will get watching everyone get stupid.
  • Don’t leave your hair like that.  Get it cut/highlighted this week.  Don’t wait.  Your picture will be all over the intranet and/or Facebook – make it look as good as you can.  Cranberry Cocktail on the Rocks with an Orange Slice
  • Don’t stop brushing and flossing.  Keep it up.  Carry gum with you too. Just to be safe.
  • Avoid the temptation to wear that ridiculous holiday sweater.  It’s too much and you know it.
  • When you are in a crowd, listen more than you speak.  If you find yourself talking and you can’t remember what you started talking about, stop and excuse yourself while muttering something about finding a tissue.
  • Lastly, keep your pants on.  Don’t be the silly couple making out in the stairwell out back.  They always get caught and it’s always embarrassing.  If you really need to lock lips, get a room.  We will all be grateful.

So raise a glass of soda water and party on!

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