An interview is not a tell-all

An interview is not a tell-all


A first interview is like a first date.  It’s not the time to reveal the story of your whole life and career.  You want to hold on to some of the mystery.

Give the interviewer time to ask the questions.  It will be tempting to jump in to show that you can anticipate what will be asked.  Don’t.  Just wait for it.

Take a moment and then answer directly.  Be careful to keep your answer relevant to what was asked.  There is nothing worse than discovering that you have wandered down the garden path and you can’t remember the original question.

Remember your bad first dates?  What happened?  Sellf centered?  Icky personal habits?  Too many cell phone glances?  Distracted by other people?  These are signs of a bad first interview too.

Be on your best first date behaviour.  Wear nice, clean clothes.  Check your hair and teeth before you get to the reception area.  And above all, don’t open the kimono on your first interview.

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