Consider that application carefully – fun isn’t everything

I am working on an assignment that’s pretty cool.  A lot of candidates are interested in learning more about it after they read my posting on LinkedIn.

For some of them, it would be a clear departure from the work or the environment they have been in for the last number of years.

As I listen to them get more enthusiastic about the role, I have to caution them.  Sure it sounds fun now.  But in 3 years or 5 years, will it still be fun?  And if not, how will you explain it as part of your career journey?

Will future interviewers look at you with their head tilted to the side and a quizzical look on their face?  “And you took that role because…?”

Don’t get carried away just because a job sounds fun.  In the end, it is still work.  Really picture yourself down the road.  Will you be proud to explain to your neighbours what you do?  Will your kids actually want you to come to career day?

Those measurements are just as worthy of consideration as the tasks, salary, manager and compensation.

In light of this, you may want to rethink applying to that landscaping, lifeguarding or barbeque pit master job.  Just a suggestion.

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