How to Avoid the Career Rut

I overheard two women talking on the train this morning.  They had bumped into each other and were catching up.  One of the women said that she had been with her firm for 24 years.  The other asked if she still liked it.  “Well, not really but I don’t really like change.” was the response.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Just as you watch out for opportunities for your friends and partner, keep an eye out for things you should do or try.  24 years in a single company is okay if you have changed roles and responsibilities but 24 years in one role will be a problem if that ever role ends.

I talk with lots of candidates who are terribly intimidated by the job search process.  If you have not looked for a job for a long time, it can be pretty hard to get your head around where to start, let alone networking or interviewing.

Career management is like going to the gym.  Let’s face it:  no one wants to go to the gym, but you feel a lot better after you do.  Twenty minutes three times a week will pay big dividends.  You can spend 20 minutes updating your resume, trolling LinkedIn for new connection or looking at postings.

Don’t get complacent about your career.  You spend more time at work than you do anywhere else.  You should feel like it is the best place for you and your skills and if it’s not, than get started on your “career workout” plan.

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