Job Searching for Students

My son needs to find a part time job to help offset his living/movie/beer expenses while he is going to college.  He finds the whole idea of looking for work overwhelming and unsatisfying.

This stems from two issues.  One:  he is only qualified for a few types of jobs and none of them involve using his brain, his empathy or any of his other best qualities.  Two:  he figures people should shake his hand and hire him.  He should not have to put all his information into an applicant tracking system and hope that someone notices.

In order to help him get started, I sent him this list on Monday morning.

Have some juice

Print 10 resumes

Take a shower

Put on a nice shirt and pants 

Go to the grocery store to the customer service desk and ask if you can talk with the store manager. Or you can go upstairs and find the butcher or produce manager. 

Tell them you a college student and that you live in the Neighbourhood ‎ and you would really like to work there. Even if it’s just for the holidays. 

If they say “we’ll get back to you”, ask when you should follow up. 

Also ask for their card.

Don’t forget to stop by the other shops in our neighbourhood and in the mall. 

Make a list in your phone of every place you stopped at and who you talked to 

When you get back home, put in your calendar any people you need to call back. 

So get out your fake smile and hit the road!

I love you. 


He does not have a job yet, but he said the guy at the bong shop seemed pretty interested.  I’ll keep you posted.



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3 responses to “Job Searching for Students

  1. It is a tough gig trying to find your first employer as a student, but I followed the same advice when I was 15 and delivered my fledgling (and very thin) resume to whomever seemed interested at the local mall. And I followed up – my tenacity (okay and my height – I was already 6’2″, which made me look older) won me the job (a newsagency not a bong shop!). It was a steep learning curve and I am still very appreciative to this day for this first step on my career path. I even still pop in to say hello whenever I’m back in my home city. It’s great to hear in this very technological age that the human approach is still being advocated… even at the professional level I am at now. Merry Christmas Laura, thanks for another year of great advice and anecdotes… and all the best to your son.

  2. Dianne

    hilarious, not that he’s searching, that can be tough, but your take on it, always so fun to read!

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