Suddenly Looking – What to do First

It’s been a rough week for a lot of people.  Most of us are probably connected to someone who just learned that they have lost their job.  They might be at Target or Sony or maybe they work in the oil business.

We have a lot of support to provide to our friends, peers and former colleagues.  It must feel a bit like going to the Oscars when you are nominated but you don’t win.  I think it was Kevin Spacey at the Golden Globes who described this feeling.  It was his first win after multiple nominations.  He said you are total winner when you are nominated but if you don’t get the statue, no one will even make eye contact with you at the after party

Getting a job with one of these companies was a great achievement.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Squeeze all the stories, examples and lessons learned out of your two or three years.  That’s the material to get your next great role.

Stay connected to your co-workers but also with your vendors and the other people you met in the course of your work. They are your new foundation.

Take advantage of every networking opportunity.  LinkedIn should be burning up with soon-to-be-former Target folks.  Sure, you were too busy before – make it a priority now.  Connect. Connect. Connect.

Above all, keep an open mind about your next opportunity.  Do your research so that you are prepared for your interviews. Turn your concerns into questions – no one will think less of you for being thoughtful and cautious.

Finally, if you have been offered outplacement services, take advantage of every part.  I can’t tell you what you will learn but there will definitely be some gems.



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