Six Gold Medals – Now What?

I am in full Pan Am-demonium.  I spend my evenings watching highlights and my commute on the team websites.  I marvel at the strength and determination of the athletes.  They have spent years and years focused on the singular goal of shaving seconds of their time or perfecting a more difficult routine.

But what happens when they retire?  Sure, some will become coaches or open schools.  Some of the leaders might do some public speaking which might evolve to a broadcasting career.

But let’s face it.  Lots will end up selling cars or houses because we, as a hiring community, do not recognize what their focus and determination can bring to our companies.  Hiring managers often dismiss people who have not had a “real” job

What’s more real than having a whole country watching your every move on a 12 meter platform wearing a tiny Speedo?  Or having to do the second round of your vault after falling the first time?

Do we really feel like the pressure to perform in our work environments is that different?

Athletes are highly coachable, able to sustain their performance for long periods of time and used to carrying on when only their Moms are watching. And let’s not forget, that they have to secure funding for equipment, coaching and travelling to competitions too.

I can’t think of a better group of folks to add to a company.  So, when you see the words “Team Canada” on someone’s resume, take a second look.  You might be surprised at what you get.

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