How to Find Great Jobs on LinkedIn

If you have spent any time at all on LinkedIn, you have noticed the huge potential for career development.  Like any new platform, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The LinkedIn Jobs App

This is a great app for apples and androids.  You can easily add filter for skills and geography. You can save jobs for later or apply directly through the app using your LinkedIn profile.

The Jobs Tab on

The Jobs tab is kind of neat.  It shows you who you know at the posting company.  You can also click through to find out more about the organization.


Many of the Groups encourage their members to circulate job postings.  This is nice because the posting is seem by a smaller audience.

Your Connections

Use the Advanced Search function (just to the right of the search box) to find people who either do what you do or better yet, manage people like you.  Reach to say hi.  Say something nice about their profile.  Remind them of your connected-ness.

People you would like to know

If you read a great article about your community or industry and someone interesting is quoted, reach out for a connection.  Mention the article.  People love to be noticed.  This is a great way to grow your network of influential people.

Here is the sweet spot:  you see a job on the app, you look for an Influencer in your network and send them a message.  They make the introduction and Boom!  You are in.

Spend an hour this weekend brushing up your profile. Someone interesting could be looking at it right now.

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  1. Emily Brown

    Hi Laura, Thanks again for these great tips. I am a great advocate of LinkedIn for well thought out, targeted job searches and professional networking, I have shared your blog post with three young university grads who I know and are supporting in their job searches.

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