You Can’t Print this! Finding your personal Value Proposition

There is a lot of buzz circulating about 3D printing these days.  We can print sandwiches, guns, jeans.  So it was not surprised to hear one of my colleagues mutter about when she was going to be able to print some perfect candidates.

It’s never going to happen.  We are all unique.  Even if we are in the same role in the same company, we stamp our own imprint on everything we do.  Some of us are more analytical or adapt faster or are more serious….you get the picture.

Our job as recruiters is to sort out what characteristics our client or hiring manager is looking for and your job is to make it easy for us to see them.

First, you need to be able to name your unique blend of attitude, skills and experience. Ask your colleagues, managers and former managers.  You are not looking for a performance review or  report card.  Just some words about how you approach your work.  Use the phrases as the foundation and combine them with your actual hard skills and responsibilities.

  • Solves my group’s invoicing problems with a real sense of optimism.
  • Perseveres to get my message to the right person, even in a complex organization.
  • Consistently rated highly on our customer experience scorecards.

These statements should be sprinkled throughout your cover letter and resume.  It’s also good to develop some good stories demonstrating your unique blend.  These will be great for networking and the all-important interview.

So figure it out and write it down.  This is your value proposition and what ultimately sets you apart from the others.  If you don’t know what makes your different, how will we?



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