Gifts for the Job Seeker

We all know people who are looking for a job and it can be really tough over the holidays.  Trying to be excited about seeing family and friends when you are not sure about your future is difficult.

There are lots of things we can do to show we care and offer support.  Remember that gifts don’t necessarily have to be wrapped.  Time and expertise don’t fit in boxes but they sure are welcome.

Here are some suggestions for the job seeker on your list:

  • New tie or scarf to wear to interviews.  Wearing something new can put a real lift in someone’s step.
  • Invitation – if you are going to an industry function or holiday cookie swap, invite the person.  Before you go, talk about how you are going to introduce them to your colleagues/friends.   The opportunity to meet new people is so, so valuable.
  • Recommendations on LinkedIn – don’t wait to be asked for this one.  Find a few people in your connections and write them a nice, short recommendation.  It will arrive in their inbox and be a complete and wonderful surprise.
  • Coffee gift card – this is a great one. It does not have to be for a lot of money but providing the opportunity for someone to treat themselves without having to worry about the expense is a real gift.
  • Three months subscription to Texture, the magazine app.  Discretionary things like magazines are usually the first things to go when someone is unsure about the future.  Access to a gazillion magazines does two things.  It is a nice little distraction when they need a break from LinkedIn.  Also, it allows them to keep current so that when they are at networking events with you, they have lots of current material to talk about.

So put a little thought into it. You have lots of options to provide useful and supportive gifts.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?


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