Free Job Search Tools for the New Year

You might not know it yet, but there is a pretty good chance that one of you or someone at one of your parties will make a new year’s resolution to find a new job.

Here’s a list of tools you might want to have handy for that moment:

Dropbox – a great place to save resumes and cover letters

Evernote – piles of cloud based digital notebooks to lay out your strategies, plans and save good tips and articles

LinkedIn – not for job postings but rather to look at the profiles of people you admire.  This will not only give you a lot of ideas but you may get some new connections as well.

YouTube – search for interview tips.  A word of caution: you will have sort through the silly ones and the serious ones.

Podcasts in iTunes – just type “job search” into the search bar. You will be surprised at how many podcasts are available.  There is bound to be some great tips and maybe even some inspiration.

Overdrive and a Library card – so you can read the hottest business books and magazines for free

And finally, Netflix.  For when you are done caring and just need a Mad Men marathon.

Happy New Year!



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