Can’t Uber this…..

There was a really good article in Fast Company yesterday about Uber.  It seems that the on-demand service is so popular that people are trying to offer different types of services using a similar platform

If you need your house cleaned, you login to an app and an available cleaning crew shows up at your house.

If you need a babysitter for an impromptu date night, type in your address and the duration and a qualified sitter arrives.

Will recruiting go this way too?  Could you log on and get a couple of mechanical engineers with expertise in aerodynamics?  Or how about a CA who knows about managing the funds in a not-for-profit?

I don’t think so.   It’s just not that simple.  Many roles require more than a list of skills.  They require a certain kind of communication style or the ability to handle sticky situations.

Or you are not really sure how to describe the person you need or what to call them.

Real recruiting is complicated.  It’s a process that involves reading, writing, research, assessing, probing, negotiating, patience and perseverance.

There are an awful lot of variables in selecting people for jobs.  And it’s pretty costly if you choose the wrong one.

So it’s fine to use Uber to get to your meeting but use real people to do your recruiting.

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