Pro Resume Tips

Do you know where your resume is?  When was the last time you updated it?

I know you don’t need any more pressure in your life but keeping an outdated resume on a memory stick or worse, on your work computer is not going to cut it.

Telling a recruiter to refer to your Linkedin profile is not the answer either.  Sure you can keep it up to date but it is never going to have all the information that a resume will nor can it be forwarded to someone else.

When a person of influence says “send your resume and let’s talk”, they don’t mean next week when you get your act together.  They mean in the next 24 hours.

Spending time at work or time after midnight updating what you have been doing for the last two years it really not going to show your best self.


  • Put an appointment in your calendar to review your resume every month.
  • Keep it in the cloud (dropbox, google drive)
  • If you are starting from scratch, use the templates that are set up in Word and Pages. They are clean and attractive and will give you a strong framework to start with.
  • Send your resume to at least two friends (best if you can find an English teacher) to check your spelling and grammar.

If you get lost in the weeds reading blogs and articles about resume building and formatting, remember this:  it is a document that represents what you do and where you have done it.  You can listen to all kinds of arguments about fonts and styles but ultimately, if you feel proud when you hand it to someone, you have done it right.


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