New LinkedIn Feature Filters out the Fluff

It’s September and we are all running around trying to adjust to new schedules.  If we can’t find time to catch our breath, how the heck can we keep our eyes open for new career opportunities?

It’s pretty easy for this to fall on the back burner but this is not the time for that to happen.  Fall is when hiring teams realize that if they don’t start the hiring process now, they might lose headcount.

For example, there are lots of interesting jobs being posted on LinkedIn right now.  In fact, there are so many, it can take hours to sift through them.

LinkedIn has added a new feature to help with this.  The next time you go into LinkedIn, click the Jobs tab.  You will see a new tab called Preferences.

It has lots of areas to click and choose – geography, industry, seniority, company size and more.  This will help to focus the jobs that get sent to you.  The more things you click, the more relevant the jobs should be. ( I hope this really works – I am tired of getting pipefitter jobs in my inbox.)

You can also choose what you would like to share with recruiters.  This should also improve the odds of getting excited when you are approached about a role.

We know that the more we automate tasks, the more effective we are.  After all, we don’t count our steps, do we?  We just glance at our Fitbit and get going.  Using this tool should have the same effect.  You can glance at the postings of the day, decide on a course of action ( apply, save, dump) and then get to yoga.


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