If I could shake your hand…..

This post, according to my friends at WordPress, is my 301st.  So rather than pass along more thoughts and advice on jobs and careers, I am going to take a big pause to say thank you.

I started this blog in 2008 when we were in the middle of a big recession.  Companies were laying off way faster than they were hiring and we really did not have much in the way of jobs to talk about with candidates.  There were so many interesting and talented people looking. I started talking with them about networking and resumes and all the other things needed to propel a career.thank-you

Each week, a theme would emerge in my conversations and people really seemed to appreciate that I took the time to talk to them.  I started a blog to put this information out to the universe figuring other people might be interested as well.

A funny thing happened.  I started to get notes and comments from readers.  Honestly, at first it was just my parents (big shout out to them!) but then people would send a note that they enjoyed the tips or that they had read something useful and passed it along to their kids.

I started to share the material on LinkedIn and then a whole bunch of other people started to read it.  Clients and candidates provided both ideas and positive feedback.

It seemed that every time there was a black cloud over my desk, a happy comment would arrive in my inbox.  Last week, two colleagues asked me if it was okay for them to use articles for workshops they were leading.  That is certainly the highest form of flattery!

So this is my chance to thank you for spending a few minutes each week reading this stuff.  I hope it continues to be useful with a side of funny.


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  1. Angela Vincenzo

    Thank you Laura for the interesting posts. I look forward to receiving them every week.

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