Resume Review – Critical Action

Shock and awe.  That’s what happened this week.  Shock and awe.

I was preparing a group of resumes to send to one of my clients.  As I reviewed that last resume, I found a typo.

This was a big concern because I know this client and he is very, very careful about how he communicates.  (I learned this when he sent my proposal back for missing a word.)

So, I handed all the resumes to one of my team members and asked her to go over them with a fine toothed comb.

She did and found mistakes in five of the six.  FIVE!

Let me point out that these are resumes of people who have worked for a long time and have held very responsible positions.

It’s not that these were not huge mistakes.  They were things like:

  • Fiancé instead of finance
  • Managde instead of managed
  • Missing a, the, or, and

Most people read pretty quickly and these mistakes would not even register.  But if they do, it will stop the whole flow of the resume.  The reader will start to look more carefully at the words instead of the meaning of the words.  Not only that, they will also question your quality and capability.  There will be a tiny, niggling concern that if you missed this, you might miss other things.  Maybe even more important things.

Before you send your resume out to anyone else, get a fresh eyes review.  Have someone take a careful look at the words and punctuation.  It will be worth it.

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