Job Journey: What to Bring to an Interview

Preparing for an interview is not just about the suit and haircut. You have some options in terms of what you bring with you as well.

  • Do bring a pen and notebook to make notes or jot down questions or the names of the people you are meeting.
  • Don’t bring coffee or gum.  Ditch them in the lobby.   Fresh breath is good. Chewing gum is bad.
  • Do bring several copies of your resume.  You never know when it might come in handy.  You also look super smooth if one of the panel members has forgotten to bring it.  
  • Don’t bring your phone.  Unless it is muted.  Totally muted.  Don’t forget your watch and iPad. Silence anything you bring into the interview.
  • Do bring the job description.  Highlight the things that are well aligned that you want to emphasize.  Also note anything that’s concerning or not clear.
  • Don’t bring or share confidential information from past or current employers even if it provides great examples of what you can do.  That makes people super nervous.  If you do that to your current employer, you might do it to them too.
  • Do bring a tissue.  Kleenex is fine.  An actual cloth handkerchief is better.
  • Don’t bring strong smells.  Go easy on the cologne/aftershave.  The smell of clean laundry is ideal.  If your interviewer can’t see for the tears because they are allergic to your perfume, you are not making the best impression.  (Although, the handkerchief would come in handy here…)

So gear up and get ready for a great conversation.

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