Hiring Handbook: Effective Recruitment Planning

Recruiting takes time. We all know that but sometimes we lose sight of exactly how long it will take to fill a vacancy. We stare into space and count the weeks on our fingers and figure that in six weeks we will have our seat filled and our problem solved.

Unless you have a perfect unemployed candidate living next door, that will not be true. Searches today take 8 to 12 weeks. Yep, that long.

Unemployment is very, very low. That means that your candidates have jobs and they are busy. They are not spending every work day cruising LinkedIn looking for your opening. They might look briefly on Monday morning, after a particularly ugly sales meeting or maybe while they are on vacation. This will add at least a week the process.

There are usually more than two people involved in the interview process. Count on adding one week for each person/step to account for travel, special projects and the flu. Three people? Add three weeks.

Companies, managers and roles change fast. Job descriptions have to be reviewed, revised and agreed upon before they can be posted. Add a week.

Once you fall in love with a candidate, you will need to do references. Those folks will be busy and working. Add a week.

When you successfully put a bow on the offer and the candidate accepts, they will have to give notice. Most people with integrity want to offer the employers three weeks notice not just two. They care about making sure they leave things as neat and tidy as possible. Then they will want a week to relax and get their mind and backpack organized for their new gig. Add four weeks.

And there you have it: 12 weeks.

Don’t put yourself under the kind of pressure that may cause you to make a short sighted decision. Be rational when you are laying out your recruitment plan and make the best possible choice to fill the gap.

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