Looking for a New Job? Start here.

It’s new year.  I am not one for resolutions, but I know it’s popular to spend the time between Christmas and the New Year drinking too much and dreaming of better days.

For a lot of people, that might include a new job – one that’s closer, pays more, has a better boss or a better mission.

Canada has a pretty strong economy right now and the employment market is tight which means that number of vacancies is up and the number of candidates is down.  According to the federal government, 94,000 jobs were filled in November giving us the lowest unemployment levels since 1976.

This does not mean that anyone who wants a job can get one.  As always, there are pockets where there is a greater demand and pockets where it is shrinking.

For example, you could be the best customer service person alive, but if you want to answer the phones for Pizza Pizza, it will be tough.  Their ordering app for mobile phones is terrific and has a high rate of adoption by customers.

If, on the other hand, you are the person who made the Pizza Pizza app, you have it made in the shade.  Lots of prospects for you – as long as you can network and let people know about your successes.

Other areas of growth:

  • Health care
  • Social Assistance
  • Construction
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Cannabis

There are a lot of good possibilities to explore in this list.  If you want to spend some time thinking about these industries, you can start with www.jobbank.gc.ca

You can search for occupations and read about their longer term outlook, wages and education requirements.  It’s pretty dry but it is reliable information that will give you enough to decide what you want to pursue.

Happy looking!

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  1. Linda Clark

    Hi Laura Excellent advice! Love seeing the link in there.

    Have a good holiday! Linda

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