Late Night: A Tale of Two Careers

I saw the new movie, Late Night, written by Mindy Kaling last night.  It stars Mindy, herself, with a stellar performance by Emma Thompson.  I am not a move critic, but I know a good career movie when I see one.

If you are having any doubts about whether you have chosen the right career, go see this movie.  If your company is changing and you are not sure you like the new org, go see this movie.

Without giving away the plot, the young, aspiring comedy writer finagles her way into an interview for a late night talk show hosted by a venerable host with waning popularity.

Just the bit about how she got the interview is a true lesson in how to get to do what you really, really want.  It is not everyday someone goes from working in Quality Control in a chemical plant to a 13 week paid comedy internship.

Watching Emma Thompson’s character realize that she has become complacent and has been taking a lot of things for granted is a great illustration.  It shows us of what happens to people who have been very successful but suddenly find themselves unhappy and are not sure why.

It is entertaining to see how the millennial and the aging talk show queen (who could be anyone’s boss) try to see the value in each other.  Both characters spend a lot of time squinting at each other.  They really do come from different planets and I don’t just mean England and Brooklyn.

I’ll leave it to you to go to the movie and see how it all works out.  Consider going with your mentor circle or a work friend.  There will be lots to talk and laugh about over coffee/wine afterwards.

PS If you don’t hear from me next week, it’s because I have figured out how to become a comedy writer and moved to New York.

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  1. Patti Polischuk

    Thanks Laura and you definitely have the content to be a comedy writer 🙂

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