Go Ahead and Take that Call……

In and amongst the town hall invitations and Zoom meetings yesterday, was an email announcing that one of our senior IT leaders was leaving “to pursue an opportunity outside the organization”.  That is almost always code for going to another gig at another company.

This had to be something that was in the works for quite a while.  At his level, you don’t make a move in a just a few weeks.  It takes time to interview, negotiate, reference check and give notice.

The announcement confirmed what I had been thinking.  People outgrow companies and companies outgrow people and a pandemic does not change this fact.

I have had several candidates tell me that they could not possible explore a new role right now.  It would not feel right.  I respect that. Really, I do.

But, in the end, we are the masters of our careers. No one else will do it for us or better than us.

Other people have been very open to conversations.  They had been disappointed at how their leaders were showing up.  They were not feeling cared for before all this started, and it has not gotten any better.

There are also candidates who are looking down the road at what will have to change in their industry/company and whether they still see a fit for themselves and their ambition.

My crystal ball is in the shop so I cannot predict what the world of work will look like in six months.  I do know that lots will change and it is only by staying in touch and reviewing opportunities as they present, can you make sure that the best things don’t pass you by.

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