It’s okay to be sad – it’s not all sunshine and lemon drops

Each week, we grieve a little bit for the things we are missing. It shows up as feeling sad or angry or just plain old grumpy (I’ve been told).  It takes some time and sometimes a trusted person to help sort it out.

Try looking at what you were doing last year or even last month at this time.

It might be playing tennis or golf with your friends or an annual vacation.  Maybe you were set to start on a new adventure that’s been postponed. Maybe you just miss your colleagues, even the annoying ones.

It’s okay to feel not good about this.  Take some time to be sad and to acknowledge the current state of affairs.

Then take some time to find two or three good things.  Are you still healthy?  Do you have enough to eat?  Can you look outside and see things growing and turning green?

On Monday morning, I was quite despondent.  I was not looking forward to another week of social distancing and interminable zoom calls.  I sat on kitchen floor sipping coffee thinking about it all.

Then I got up and looked out the window to discover that a robin was building her nest in the tree right outside my window. She was so industrious, going back and forth with twigs and bits of stuff to construct a little bucket on a branch for her coming family.

I decided that I could do that this week too.  I could gather bits of information and snippets of knowledge to share with hiring managers and candidates to help to bring everyone together.

It’s been a pretty good week so far -thanks to Mother Nature and my friends.


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April 30, 2020 · 9:43 am

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