Business is Moving – Don’t Stop Hiring

This is not the time to pause hiring.  I know it’s tempting to put the brakes on bringing on new people but it’s a really short term decision with negative long term consequences.

When this thing started, we did not know what was going to happen.  This is uncharted territory.  But we have proven that we can adapt and though it is not easy, we have figured out how to carry on doing business and staying connected.

We have all the tools to recruit, interview and reference check.  Video interviews are efficient and effective.  You can even do a panel interview and have candidates do presentations using Zoom or Teams.

The interview is meant to be a simulation of how a candidate would fit into a team, a company and the culture.  Seeing as how we will be continuing to do almost all of our activities using voice and video, it seems perfectly appropriate to interview that way too.

It does not take much organization to send an orientation box to a new hire at their home.  A laptop loaded with Outlook, sign up forms, orientation materials and some company swag is all it takes.

Not to brag, but my boss Rob Hosking did a very good webinar on virtual hiring and onboarding. You can see it here.

So, we have the process and the technology.  Who needs to be hired?

Some of the roles that were open in March may not be necessary anymore but it’s likely that those roles have been replaced by others.  Let’s face it. Not all leaders have been shining stars through these last nine weeks.  Some will need to be replaced.  Also, doing business in a different way means that there is probably a need for skills that you did not need before.  Don’t ignore these needs or the decisions that need to be made.

The average recruitment process takes 6-10 weeks.  If you see a gap now, what will it look like in July?  Can you really afford to wait?  Who will be impacted? It may have gone from a gap to a really big hole.

If there are long term concerns about the need for the role, you can always look at a 12 month contract.  In these times, the candidate community would not shy away from that.

We have the technology to interview and onboard without being face to face.  Don’t let that hold you back from making the right hiring decisions for the business.

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