Need Some Accountability? Join the 10:11 Club

I have not used my alarm clock since March.  I don’t have to catch at train at the crack of dawn and I don’t miss it all.  That is not to say I have been sleeping in.  Nope, as the chief dog walker, I get up when the canine bladder demands it (and he has no snooze button…..)

This week, for a reason I don’t know, the canine slept in. It was delightful until I realized that I had not gotten out of my sleep pajamas and into my work pajamas and it was well past noon.

Without things like commutes and coffee with colleagues, the days can just fly by.  We do the stuff that must be done but other not-so-urgent tasks just kind of stay on the list.

It’s a bit embarrassing when you boss asks about a thing you were working on and your only response is, “oh yeah….about that….”

I heard about a really great idea on how to solve for this.  It’s called the 10:11 Club and it’s a concept invented by Kara Cutruzzula. (You can read more about her ideas here.)  Every morning before 10:11, you declare what you are going to work on and then you work on that thing until noon.  It can be a bike ride, a piece of work, a clean up – really anything that has been hanging around on your task list too long.

You can broadcast it on Twitter or stick a note to your computer or your fridge but it’s more effective if you have a buddy. Kara said that it started with just her and her brother but now they have a few more people in the circle.  She said its cool to see what others are working on but mostly she said it’s been good to have an accountability built into her day.

So simple it’s genius.  Join the 10:11 club and see what you can accomplish.

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